Spaghetti lab day 3

The plan for the day IMG_1256

We checked in first thing with a summary of how we found day 2, our understanding of the brief from the Fostering service and our thoughts, looking forward to getting involved in the prototype.  We first looked at the drivers to fostering.


Here we looked around Human Needs/Behaviours, Existing Technologies, Existing Services and Data Sources.  From this we came up with some initial ideas.

We came up with Inspire, Reassurance, Inform,

Spaghetti attended an awards event in a school over the weekend and fed back their insights back to the group from current foster carers and their children. Below are some of the visual thoughts from fostered children.


During the whole day we took part in various team building exercises including the exercise called apple, see below.


A powerful exercise, that enabled the team to get down ideas quickly.  We were given a grid to complete with as many visual/words we could think of in a set time.  The word we were given was APPLE, and our restriction was we couldn’t talk to each other.

After lunch we looked at a video on Lean Start Up – this was around developing an app quickly for people that wanted to see what they looked like in different styles of sunglasses.

We then, the exciting bit, began to develop the first prototype on how to attract potential Foster Carers.  We presented this back to Spaghetti and the representative from the Adoption and Fostering team.


We took this prototype out to the streets of Birmingham, meeting the public, to capture their thoughts







We came back as a team and consolidated our ideas and confirmed the reasons why we arrived at the prototype.  Looking forward to day 4.

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