Spaghetti Lab Day 4

After the daily ‘check in’, we spent the first part of the morning to further define and describe the aim of the prototype idea in meeting our clients needs.

We watched a short video around a concept called, the ‘Golden Circle’ or ‘start with why’, Simon Sinex Tedx. Using the model of Why, How, and the What to describe the idea.


We discussed in detail how an environment like this could provide, current and real life insights to the role of fosters carers. This environment would also act as a clearer point of access to information, meeting the need of potential foster carers at the relevant stage of their journey. These needs will be met by taking into account the human need at that point, thus increasing engagement and a sense of being part of a community with access to support.

We then split in to 2 groups.

Group 1- drawing on insights from our research, we identified a real customer who might embark on a journey towards becoming foster carers. Who they are, their make up, their lifestyle , why they are potential foster carers, what their drivers are.

Timeline journey mapUsing a timeline we identified the touch points of their journey with the real process and considered their needs compared to their actual experience. We then asked whether their human need was met i.e(for information, for reassurance or other need), and the impact of this on their experience and therefore their likelihood to stay the course.
Using this process helped us to empathise with the customers feelings and thoughts.
Customer profile imageWe the created a customer profile map where we crystallised their experience in to the jobs they wanted to get done, the gains they wanted and the pains they experienced if not achieved.

Group 2-Added details to the prototype idea created yesterday. They worked through what the specific detail would be for those arriving at the online platform. Creating clear steps meeting the needs of the potential Carers. Whether they are just looking, want specific information, to, I’m ready, i want to apply. Each persons experience thereafter using the online platform is designed to fulfil the practical need, relevant for their starting point, and based in an environment designed to increase engagement.

Image of prototype details.

Group 2 were then introduced to our family and heard about their experience. Using this insight, they then created a value map demonstrating how the online platform could relieve the pain, and enable the gains through its design, structure and processes.

Value proposition map

After summarising the activities of the day. This concluded day 4.

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