With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

It falls to me to capture day 5 of Birmingham’s second Spaghetti lab – pitch day. I feel great power: I can sum-up our week. But how do I capture our week in a few feeble words? What a responsibility.
We all have our own unique experience – we have all learnt something of ourselves. We have immersed ourselves in a subject we knew little about – foster caring. Then today we had to pitch our idea back to the experts, the experienced and our bosses!

The day starts with a check-in; we are nervous.
We watch a great example of a pitch

TheKingsFund: Joined Up Care, Sams Story

We run through our pitch – it is better than yesterday but still not right. We repeat ourselves too much. We waffle.
We get feedback, we make changes and we try again. Make, measure, learn.
We run through the pitch again – less repetition, still a bit waffle-y.
More feedback, more changes and we try again. Make, measure, learn.
But now the time is short; Mikaayel has joined us today, he is very positive but also very polite – so how can we believe what he says!
The pressure is on, after lunch we set up the room for the pitch. We decide to use the main auditorium which shakes us up a little – out of the comfort of the Lab room which we’ve used all week.
We run through again – I forget nearly everything that I want to say, I make points that others are planning to make. Is practicing helping? Is this idea any good? What will people make of it? Have we got anything useful to say? Will they wonder what we’ve been doing all week?
Final, run through – still waffle-y, still stilted. It’s too late to change now. A crowd is waiting outside the door…
Make, measure, learn.
Judge for yourself: the video will be released soon.

Afterwards, question number 1: “how will this actually benefit the children?” Talk about getting to the point; this is why I love Impact Hub Brum. Where else could we give this presentation and have someone in the room with first-hand experienced of the foster system along with those in the positions of power who control the system. Unique? Certainly very special.
After this, the feedback moves into positive comment, then into a more informal setting allowing one-to-one discussion.  The pitch has been generally well received, the team feels relief and we’re pleased.

The star of the lab is the kid’s artwork from the weekend.


The star of the pitch is Dalbir and our family

Dalbir and the familySerious point being made

Today went well. We got good feedback, the pitch wasn’t perfect but it did get the message across. And, importantly, all of us involved gained a bit of something for ourselves.

I do hope we turn this idea into reality. I believe it will lead to more available foster parents and, eventually, translate into Birmingham’s children getting better foster care. After all, THAT is the point.

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