Labs II: The 2nd iteration and the Evolution of Spaghetti

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The past six months have been an incredible journey for us. Since hosting our first innovation and learning lab with Birmingham City Council, Service Birmingham and Digital Birmingham back in April, we have been thinking in depth about, and exploring how we can create spaces that are more inclusive and involve more people in designing the things that affect them. This exploration has led us to work with the British Science Association, Cabinet Office Dept for UKTI (Export Jam), Impact Hub Birmingham, Aston University and event a Nobel Prize Winner and we continue to host the global jam for the city.

We are Spaghetti.  We inspire change by introducing people new tools that lead to new ways of thinking. We create the spaces where we can manage and weave together different and seemingly disparate strands of knowledge to build new innovations. We design live, safe-fail experiments to enable people to experience how they might play their role in shaping the world around them. We build capacity as innovators rather than focusing only on the innovations.

One of the platforms we use to do this are our Labs.  Lab II kicks off today and will be the second iteration of our ongoing conversation with Birmingham city council about how we can use these methods to create better public services. Once again, this lab will see individuals from different parts of the organisation come together for the next 5 days and use design processes and tools to create new solutions to a challenge set by the people directorate. Stay tuned to this blog and be the first to get daily insights into how the conversation progresses and what the outcome is.